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Thematic Certificate

All seminar and coaching offers of the ITL series are seamlessly integrated into the existing program for the acquistion of the "Teaching Certificates of the Bavarian Universities".
The certificates at a glance

Since the start of the winter semester 2019/20, you also have the opportunity to acquire our new thematic certificate "Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning". This allows you to focus on topics from the  ITL series, either in addition to or independently of the university teaching certificate programs established throughout Bavaria.

For each seminar focus area, you can attend workshops and seminars of the ITL series ProfiLehre or apply for a ProfiLehre coaching on Virtual Exchange and /or other topics related to culturally sensitive university teaching. Furthermore,  you may participate in a selection of the online trainings offered by Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, which you will find in the ITL seminar calendar. You can find further information on the crediting of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange online trainings in our Virtual Exchange flyer.

Area of focus Work unit credits from the ITL seminars and coachings
A: Teaching and kearning concepts minimum of 8
B: Presentation and communication minimum of 8
C: Examination minimum of 8
D: Reflection and evaluation minimum of 8
E: Advising and mentoring minimum of 8
total: 40 work unit credits

Here is how to submit an application

As soon as you have fullfilled the necessary requirements, please use the ITL certificate calculator to apply for the issuance of the thematic certificate. Please send the form to us at:


Please also attach scans of your certificates of participation, as we do not archive these documents. You will then receive a brief confirmation of the receipt of your documentation. If the documents are complete, we will issue the certificate and forward it to the Vice-President for Teaching and Learning and the Vice-President for Internationalisation for signing. We will then send the document to you by in-house mail or by post. Please inform us of your preferred mailing address when submitting an application.

If you have any questions about the "Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning" thematic certificate, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Kristina Förster
Tel: +49 (0)931 - 31 84538