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Teaching Innovation in Europe

The Coimbra Group serves as a valuable forum for the discourse on innovative and globally oriented university teaching. This network comprises an association of 39 renowned and long-established multidisciplinary universities from 22 countries. The Coimbra Group is furthermore one of the most influential lobbyists in the field of education policy at the EU level. Further information, publications, and events can be found on the Coimbra Group’s website.

Participating in a total of eleven working groups from the fields of “Research”, “Education”, and “Outreach”, JMU representatives contribute to exchange and networking in all areas of university practice. Since 2015, ProfiLehre has been involved in the Education Innovation Working Group, whose central concerns include the use of new technologies in as well as accompanying research for the conception of good teaching practice. On the following pages, we will provide you with up to date information on current projects and relevant topics in European university discourse, as well as information on our workshop and consulting services.