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Internationalisation at JMU

The workshop series offered by ProfiLehre serves to enhance the profile of our certification programme for university level educators with regard to its focus on globally oriented and culturally sensitive teaching practice. It proceeds according to the internationalisation policy of JMU. Its primary goals are the establishment of globaly oriented and culturally informed perspectives and conduct in terms of research, teaching and administration as well as the mobility and interconnectedness of researchers, educators and students worldwide.

Internationalisation strategy of JMU

Internationalisation at universities can only be achieved if all central services are well interlinked. Here on may find an overview of all the relevant service centres and specifically targeted institutions:

The Service Centre International Affairs is the principal coordination office for international relations at JMU and is the contact for a wide range of themes associated with the internationalisation of education and research.

Its responsibilities include the advisement and supervision of international students as well as the provision of information regarding study abroad programmes for students of JMU.

Service Centre International Affairs Website

The Welcome Centre is the primary office for advisement and services for new international professors and guest researchers at JMU. It provides support for administrative and practical questions regarding life and work in Würzburg.

Welcome Centre Website

The Service Centre Research and Technology Transfer (SFT) provides a variety of services to support researchers as well ass both staff and students at JMU in the acquisition of ecternal funding, work with inventions, carrying out the transfer of technolofy and applying for grants. The international perspective receives special focus in this context.

SFT Website

As a central unit of JMU, the Language Centre (ZfS) provides the following services:

  • Language courses in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, and Portuguese are offered both during the semester and as intensive courses during the holiday at all proficiency levels for members of all faculties at the university
  • Courses in German indended to complement the studies of international students and researchers, as well as certification of the German Language Examination for University Admission for Foreign Applicants (DSH) and German language courses for refugees to assist them in preparing for the DSH exam
  • The provision of digital, tutorial-based self-instruction seminars as well as mediation of tandem speech programmes (face2face) and organization of tutorials held by native speakers in the Mediothek at the ZfS

ZfS Website

"Global Systems and Intercultural Competence" (GSiK) is a collaborative project that is unique in Germany, incorporating a variety of fields of study at JMU. GSiK provides all students with the opportunity to acquire international skills that complement their studies.

GSiK Website

The UWGS parent organisation is host to four graduate schools, providing young German and international scholars with structured doctoral programmes in an interdisciplinary research environment and facilitating the acquisition of a diverse range of research- and career-oriented skills.

UWGS Website

Located at the Human Resources Department (Unit 4.5), the UNIversInternational certificate programme is designed to enhance the intercultural proficiencies of staff in those departments responsible for the administration and support of scientific activities. To this end, it assists staff members in expanding their language and intercultural knowledge base and provide them with opportunities to obtain intercultural experience.

UNIversInternational Website

The Alumni Network acts as advisor to international alumni and offers the web-based Alumni-Portal service in English. It further provides both an ambassador card and a book for international alumni and is responsible for the organisation of international mentoring and projects. It is also working working towards the establishment of an international alumni chapter at JMU.

Alumni Network Website