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    Application Procedure

    Please use the provided form when signing up for ProfiLehre workshops. Even when applying for multiple seminars, you may provide information regarding all desired seminars on the same application form.

    After you have sent in your application, we will send you confirmation via email that your application has been received.

    If you are unable to attend a seminar for which you have previously registered, please notify us as soon as possible. We can then inform applicants, who are on the waiting list and provide them with the opportunity to participate. For paid courses ("advanced level") we are able to cancel your booking free of charge up to one week before the start of the seminar. For cancellations which are made less than one week before the start of the seminar we cannot cancel your booking fee anymore unless you can name a colleague as a replacement participant.

    Please also note that in accordance with the provisions of the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education (DGHD), we can only certify your participation if you were present for at least 75% of the total duration of a given training. For a one-and-a-half-day training course, this would mean that completion of at least nine work units is mandatory. The full-day part of such a seminar comprises eight work units, thus multi-day attendance is required to receive any credit for this training.

    Once you have successfully registered for a ProfiLehre seminar, you will receive further information about this workshop as well as an invoice via email approximately eight days before the date of the event. You may consult with your institution in order to determine whether internal billing is possible (this option is not available to hospital sector employees).

    Short-term cancellation of a seminar for legitimate reasons (course instructor is ill, insufficient number of participants) cannot always be prevented.