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General information

Funding and Development of the ProfiLehre Program

Since the start of FMER funding of ProfiLehre, the basic program has been considerably expanded in terms of content and, above all, scope. Discipline and department specific seminars and individual coaching have both become well-established elements of the program.

The provided funds have also been uned to expand ProfiLehre's library of texts on university teaching, so that specialized literature on all areas of university teaching methodology is available and can be borrowed by program participants. In a PC training room, and with the help of smartboards, tablets, and clickers, educators may learn about relevant media usage in university teaching.

The entire program provided by ProfiLehre is intended for beginning teachers as well as - depending on the topic and mode of instruction - for university teachers with professional experience.

The Joint Project "ProfiLehrePlus - University Teaching in Baviaria 2020, Sub-project of the University of Würzburg"

The goal of the federal and state funded program "Teaching Quality Pact" is the systematic professionalization of teaching, and the program's primary focus is to provide lecturers with practice-oriented university teaching competencies. University teaching certificates of the Bavarian universities can be acquired in three phases: the basic, advanced and specialization levels. The entire program is designed for both beginning educators and for those with professional experience.

The basic service provided by ProfiLehrePlus has been considerably expanded since the beginning of the first funding phase in terms of content and scope. Subject-specific seminars as well as coaching and counseling sessions are now among the well established elements of the program. It has additionally been possible to integrate new teaching and learning methodologies into the advanced training curriculum of ProfiLehrePlus over time. The observed consistency with which participants book coachings is indicative of educators' desire for professional advisement while they carry out regular teaching activities. Educators perceive the media and training materials that they are provided with during the course of the program as a positive opportunity to become better acquainted with contemporary teaching methodology which reflects the current technical level.

As part of the ProfiLehrePlus joint project, JMU has defined the thematic area "Digitalization of University Teaching" as it's area of expertise. The university plans to deepen and expand its activities accordingly in this field. Special attention will be given to inverted classroom training and the acquisition of professional hardware and software, the latter of which will be made available to participants to facilitate the practical implementation of what they have learned. Furthermore, a focus of the agenda is the continuous expansion of subject specific and interdisciplinary teaching seminars. The same applies to group and individual coaching - again with regard to topics relating to the digitalization of teaching. Services focusing on e-learning models, webinars, the international classroom, and writing advisement for students will also be introduced.


The offers of ProfiLehre are available to all employees of the University of Würzburg (as well as employees of other Bavarian universities) who are actively involved in teaching. The continued development of the program is made possible by the FMER (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) project "Teaching Quality Pact" ("Qualitätspakt Lehre": 'Gemeinsames Bund-Länder-Programm für bessere Studienbedingungen und mehr Qualität in der Lehre').