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    The Solution: Peer Instruction & Pingo

    The solution: Peer instruction and Pingo

    Peer Instruction, an approach developed by Eric Mazur, addresses precisely these problems. It attempts to solve them and to support students in internalizing curriculum content. Mazur formulates his basic idea as follows:

    „At times, it seems that students are able to explain concepts to one another more effectively than are their teachers. A likely explanation is that students who understand the concept when the question is posed have only recently mastered the idea and are still aware of the difficulties onvolved in grasping that concept. Consequently, they know precisely what to emphasize in their explanation.” (Mazur, S. 13f.)

    As the level of knowledge among students is similar, they are much more capable of recognizing and solving the issues responsible for the comprehension difficulties of their fellow students than are teachers. Peer-instruction sequences are particularly suitable for conveying concepts that are important for a given field of study, ensuring students’ long term learning success. The easiest way to implement such approaches is via interactive feedback systems such as Pingo, developed at the University of Paderborn.