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    Risks and Problems

    The interest of the students dwindles

    Possible reasons for why this may occur:

    • Too many questions: the method of instruction is thus tiring for the students
    • Questions are too easy: the requisite discussions thus fail to take place among the students
    • Distractors are too weak: this can also lead to discussions being nipped in the bud
    • No Peer-Discussions are carried out: this is where the “aha-moments” of the students, which are integral to their understanding of course content, are facilitated
    • Lack of a final group discussion: the discussion at the end of the sequence functions as an opportunity for instructors and students to provide and receive feedback, and its importance is not to be underestimated.

    Lack of time

    If the Peer Instruction & Pingo teaching method is employed in a consistent manner, it only requires 1/3 of the available lecture period. It is not possible for all course content to be dealt with in the classroom. There are three ways to address this:

    • Remove specific content from the curriculum
    • Students learn some of the course content independently
    • Combine the Peer Instruction & Pingo teaching approach with that of the Inverted Classroom