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    Inverted Classroom

    The fundamental idea of the inverted classroom model (ICM) is the exchange of teaching and studying locations; Students acquire the necessary knowledge about a subject prior to attending the course itself, and then apply this knowledge together with the instructor. The educational goal of IC is thus learning through practical application. The standard approach of IC is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge via teaching videos, which are made available via a virtual classroom (at JMU, the “WueCampus2” platform is used).

    IC is particularly beneficial for introductory courses and overview lectures: rather than physically presenting the same content every semester for a new group of students, instructors can create a single instructional video which can be used repeatedly by students to access the information meant to be conveyed. In this way, the implementation of these large-scale lectures is not only more economical; it is also possible for students to “pause” the instructor, providing themselves with time to take notes and allowing them to learn from the video lecture at their own pace.