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    Coaching - Digitalization of Teaching

    Coaching – Digitalization of Teaching

    This service is meant to provide you with support in your digitalization projects as well as during your preliminary considerations regarding the conception and application of digitalization in the framework of your teaching.

    As a first step, you may contact us for a four-hour consultation meeting with a coach. This meeting may also be divided into two shorter sessions. If this time does not prove to be sufficient for the discussion of your teaching goals with regard to digitalization, you may further arrange short follow-up meetings. In these subsequent coaching sessions the following topics may be addressed, among others:

    • General conception of a pure eLearning or a blended learning environment
    • Creating digital learning material
    • Redesigning the attendance phase in an inverted classroom scenario
    • Reflections on first experiences with the inverted classroom

    You will of course receive a certificate of attendance after completion of the coaching program. This certificate counts towards four AE (Area A, "Basic Level") credits for our university teaching certificates.


    Coaching requests:

    If you would like to request a coaching on the topic of digitalization, contact us at: