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    Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Implications for Learning and Teaching

    In compliance with instructions from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, the University of Würzburg has suspended all courses delivered in classroom effective 10 March 2020. The University is currently developing solutions to help its teaching staff address the challenges they will face in the 2020 summer semester. We are preparing to shift from face-to-face teaching to remote learning and will make available a wider range of digital teaching and learning solutions for all degree programmes.

    It is planned that the lecture period of the 2020 summer semester will start on 20 April 2020.

    Read on for everything you need to know about teaching and learning during the coronavirus crisis.

    Last modified: 06 April

    Facts and notes

    • We will do everything we can to enable students to study as much as possible.
    • Face-to-face teaching has been suspended until further notice.
    • We assume that students who are currently completing credit-bearing work placements or are due to begin such work placements will receive instructions from their host institutions.
    • Forms of remote learning (online learning) are possible.
    • Neither the end of the 2019/20 winter semester nor the 2020 summer semester have been officially cancelled.
    • The University is currently not closed. According to the above-mentioned notification and the press release of the State Ministry, other university functions like research and administration must continue.

    • The rule is that all current university course-related examinations (including Nachprüfung exams, individual and oral examinations, etc.) have been postponed. The further proceedings for postponed examinations will be announced as soon as possible. Currently, there are no concrete plans.
    • The postponement of the affected examinations can be affected on the basis of the notification received from the State Ministry, the issue will not need to be discussed by the examination committees.
    • State examinations are subject to special regulations. If you have any questions about these, you will have to contact the competent Examination Office.
    • We will check whether the current cancellations of examinations due to coronavirus can be classified as official ‘hardship cases’ in order to extend or suspend deadlines if necessary.
    • In the interest of students, we will check further opportunities for facilitation with regard to rules stipulated in the examination regulations.

    Erste Staatsprüfung für ein Lehramt an öffentlichen Schulen (first state examination for teaching at state schools) to be held in Spring 2020

    According to the notification by State Ministry dated 18 March 2020, in view of current developments and the continued spread of coronavirus, the first state examination for teaching at state schools has been suspended effective immediately and until further notice. For the time being, no further written, oral or practical examinations will be held.

    If you have further questions regarding state examinations, please see the information provided by the competent State Examination Office and the information provided by the JMU Examination Office.

    2020 Abitur exams rescheduled – examinations will start on 20 May – Minister of Education Michael Piazolo: ‘Fair conditions for Bavarian secondary school students.

    MUNICH. The Bavarian State Ministry of Education has decided that the start date of the 2020 Abitur exams will be moved from 30 April to 20 May 2020. ‘We want to create fair conditions for examinees during the coronavirus crisis,’ says Minister Piazolo. Since schools will be closed until after the Easter break, students would not have had enough time to prepare for their Abitur exams. ‘It was important to me to involve teachers, parents, students and headmasters in the decision about when to hold the postponed exams,’ Mr. Piazolo said.

    The new schedule allows students sufficient time to prepare for their Abitur exams as well as to take any assessments they may have to complete prior to those exams.

    New dates for the 2020 Abitur exams
    Written exams
    20 May: German
    26 May: Mathematics
    29 May: 3rd subject (including French)

    Oral ‘Kolloquium’ exams
    15 June to 26 June 2020

    Oral ‘mündliche Zusatzprüfung’ exams
    to be held on and before 3 July 2020

    The catch-up written Abitur exams will be scheduled for dates that will allow students to submit applications for admission to degree programmes with national or local admission restrictions within the applicable deadlines.

    Since the coronavirus situation is evolving quickly, more changes may need to be made to the schedule for the 2020 Abitur exams. Mr. Piazolo also said: ‘The current situation poses great challenges to everyone involved. We need to be flexible and adapt to change. It is important that we always act in the interest of students and keep in mind the challenges our schools are faced with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers. They have been doing an excellent job.’

    Please visit www.km.bayern.de for up-to-date information.

    • As a rule, inspections of examination scripts are postponed. The right to do so remains unaffected. We are considering alternative arrangements to give students the opportunity to inspect their examination scripts.
    • Registration for courses and assessments should take place as planned. If and when a particular deadline changes, students must be informed of that fact in an appropriate manner.
    • There have been no concrete statements from the Ministry whether examinations in the 2020 summer semester will take place or will be cancelled.

    Outlook on the 2020 summer semester

    According to current information, the lecture period begins on April 20, 2020. To the press release "Preparations for the summer semester" of 27.03.2020

    Services provided by the Information Technology Centre and other institutions

    Services for digital teaching (Overview)

    The Information Technology Centre offers lecturers and students services for digital teaching. Remote teaching and learning during the coronavirus crisis:

    What else can you do?

    • Make available home study materials for courses, e.g. PowerPoint presentations.
    • Record/stream your lectures (be aware that capacities are limited).
    • Postpone courses or deliver them as block-taught courses.
    • Prioritise and cancel courses where necessary (e.g. courses offered as part of the ASQ pool).

    Other tools for lecturers delivering tele-taught courses (please be aware that not all tools listed below are supported by the Information Technology Centre!)


    Hochschuldidaktik ProfiLehre provides for teachers of the JMU different offers "to apprenticeship in special times":

    ProfiLehre workshops in online format: In order to provide teachers with further didactic training even in times of initial restrictions, Profilehre strives to make workshops available online.

    Individual training: Registrations for virtual coaching, the feedback service (online procedure with EvaSys) or the online seminar "Scientific Foundations of University Didactics" are still possible at any time.

    Consulting services for the following digital formats: WueCampus - Adobe Connect - Zoom - Virtual Exchange.

    Contact ProfiLehre by telephone oder mail 

    • Courses will be marked in WueStudy so that students can tell whether a particular course has been postponed or cancelled.
    • Instructions on how to cancel of courses or  postpone courses can be found on the WueStudy portal. WueStudy users with the role of ‘Course planner’ or ‘Course organiser’ have the right to cancel and postpose courses.

    Information provided by the Information Technology Centre

    The necessary equipment and technology

    The Information Technology Centre offers lecturers and students services for digital teaching: Remote teaching and learning during the coronavirus crisis. You can also contact the Information Technology Centre’s IT support team for general information and support.

    Phone:  +49 931 31-85050
    WhatsApp:  +49 931 31-85050

    The Information Technology Centre offers lecturers und students services for digital teaching: ‘Currently in demand: Tips for digital teaching’.

    As many (digital) resources are scarce despite the numerous measures taken, we ask you to observe various "fair share rules", which are explained under the link https://www.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de/aktuelles/mitteilungen/single/news/it-massnahmen-in-bezug-auf-corona-aufruf-zu-fair-share-verhalten/

    Notes, recommendations, FAQs

    • Postponement or cancellation of courses in WueStudy
      In the current situation, it may be necessary to postpone or cancel courses. The respective changes can be made by WueStudy users with the role of ‘Course planner’ or ‘Course organiser’. For instructions follow the links below:
      Postponement of courses and cancellation of courses.

    • Services for digital teaching
      The Information Technology Centre offers lecturers und students services for digital teaching: ‘Currently in demand: Tips for digital teaching’.
    • How does the coronavirus outbreak affect teaching activities?
      If you have questions regarding teaching and learning during the coronavirus crisis, please send an e-mail to lehrbetrieb@uni-wuerzburg.de.
    • What is the difference between face-to-face teaching and tele-teaching?
      When courses are taught face-to-face, lecturers and students are in the same place at the same time. The opposite of face-to-face teaching is tele-teaching or remote teaching. When courses are tele-taught, lecturers and students are in different places most or all of the time and lecturers supervise the progress students are making.