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Erasmus Takeaway

‚Sharing is caring‘ – we could not find any better slogan to describe our new programme Erasmus Takeaway.

You are leaving Würzburg and your luggage is full already? In the cupboards pots, forks and knives, etc. are still waiting to be packed? You can bring all kitchen equipment to the office of the Student’s Council. WIN will pass your ‚used‘ stuff on to the next generation of international students. This way your stuff will be kept in a loop and you contribute to a sustainable environment and the idea of our international network.

You are new in Würzburg and still need a pan, pot or plate for cooking? But you don’t know where to get this stuff, how to get there and why you should buy everything new? Have a look at the office of the student’s council. Your precursors have left some equipment behind which they did not need anymore but still can be used.