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    Studentenwerk dormitories/apartments

    We know there are a lot of international students wondering about what to do about their apartments and finances right now. Whether you are already living in a dormitory room and planned to move out, whether you cannot move out because you cannot go back to your country or wanted to study in Wuerzburg but cannot leave your country in the current situation - we can only refer to the website of the Studentenwerk Wuerzburg.

    They have translated all the necessary information concerning new or already existing rental contracts as well as information about extending your contract. Here you can find the FAQ concerning housing and BaföG.

    To find a personal contact person look here.

    Consultation on financial matters

    The Studentenwerk also has a social councelling on question concerning international students, student loans, studying parents, mental and physical disabilities and other issues. 
    You can find the PDF concerning these topics on the lower bottom of their website.

    The german Studentenwerk also offers an FAQ online concerning financial questions. You can find the FAQ here.

    In case of other financial issues as well as application related problems the 115 - the public administration's costumer service - may be able to answer your questions. Have a look at their website.