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    last update: 2020-04-27



    As discussed by the student convention in the meeting on March 26th 2020, the student council demands that:

    • The standard period of study, the maximum duration of study as well as other period of studies and deadline will be extended for one semester – without having to apply for it. This extension should also apply to all associated claims, such as BAföG and the Studentenwerk dormitories.
    • The university works towards the fact that classes can take place in alternative form (f.ex. online) and exams can also be taken in this summer semester despite the above demands.

    The student council sent these in a postulation to the Bavarian Minister of Science and Art(german).

    As student representatives we are very happy to see the hard work that the lecturers put into moving classes online. The experience gained from this semester can be a huge knowledge progress for the future of online teaching.

    However, we think that there's reason to worry. Not all classes can be held online, many of them need the physical presence of lecturers and students. For now it also remains unclear how exams can take place under these circumstances. One thing is clear already: It won't be possible to study 100% like in a normal semester. That causes problems, and worse, these problems depend on and reinforce the different situations of students.

    Therefore we demand as students representatives, that the summer semester 2020 will be held as a "not-semester". This means: Students can use the online offers of the university and can take exams, as far as possible. But the semester won't be counted in our record to our disadvandage.

    More obiligingness on part of the Studentenwerk

    As we came to know many problems occurring to general as well as exchange students of our university concerning rental contracts and such, we publicy criticized the current beavior of the Studentnewerk in a press announcement. We really hope that this will change the situation and that we can rely on their support in the future as well.

    Financial support for the Studentenwerke by the state

    We demand that the Studentenwerk receives financial support so that they can continue to provide financial and social support to students.


    You may find these petitions concerning Covid-19 and studying worthy of support. If you would like, please have a look and feel free to share.

    • Can-Semester demands equality for all students on change.org. This petition is referring to the “Non-Semester” Semester but leading more in the direction of choosing if students can afford to take part in online classes. In general it is about giving everyone the chance to take classes and preventing disadvantages for those that cannot afford it because of various reasons.
    • 3000€ Emergency Aid for Students. The Alliance for Emergency Aid for Students of these petition demands 3000€ for every students that found themselves in a financial crisis because they do not receive BAföG and cannot do their part-time jobs anymore because of Covid-19.
    • Short-time work allowance for students with loss of earnings on openpetition.org is referring to students who can still work but due to Covid-19 cannot earn as much money as they used to and need to.
    • Semester of solidarity includes a range of demands from financial aid for students to well-organized teaching.