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    updated May 30, 2020


    Theses, final exams and standard period of study

    Time limits for theses are resumed! Starting from 20th of April, you now have exactly as many days left as you would originally have had after May 13 (the day the library shut its doors). Sounds complicated? Your new deadline will also appear in WueStudy.

    The maximum number of semesters you are allowed to study is also expanded automatically by one semester, in case your final thesis is affected by the current pandemic.

    Please check the examination office's homepage: Originalseite des Prüfungsamtes

    Exams and written assignments

    Any requirements (you need to get x ECTS until semester 3 etc) are not checked by the university this semester. So, if the pandemic influenced you heavily in your studies, it's no problem to cut down on your workload and move some exams to the next semester. Anyways: Don’t forget to register for exams you plan to take.

    Examinations are planned to take place with the student's personal presence, which required the uni to rent some of the big concert halls in Würzburg (who wouldn't look forward to that?). All participants will be required to sign a form  stating that they show no symptoms of CoVid-19 and didn't spend any time in foreign countries during the last 14 days. In order to make exams possible for people who are not in Würzburg or have severe health issues, the Uni issued new exam regulations that allow online exams. Oral exams or written assignments may also replace some exams this semester.

    Travelling for your studies, like going on excursion or research expeditions, is not allowed.

    If you have any problems that could not be clarified with the lecturer, please contact your departments student representatives aka the Fachschaftsvertretung or Fachschaft. They collect and combine the experiences of many students, adding more weight to your voice.


    The current Summer Semester 2020

    The summer semester has started on 20th of April, but will be held completely via online classes. Exceptions are allowed only for classes which require special equipment and if a minimum distance of 1.5m is guaranteed between all participants. You will also be required to fill out a form.

    The lecture time will be ending on July 24th, and lectures may be extended until August 7th in some exceptions. The exam period is thus postponed as well and the winter semester will start a little later, on November 1st. Lectures will be resumed on November 2nd, but it is still unclear wether that will be online or in the usual way.

    The necessary infrastructure for online classes is on the way. For example, lecture halls and classrooms have been equipped with video recording equipment and licences for videochatting were bought. You can find more information on current developments and plans on this official page.

    "digital university" Discord-Server

    If you want to meet with your fellow students for working together or just having a coffee, you can try our discord-server. It is open 24/7 for all students, all you need is a discord-account.


    News from the library

    The central library is open since April 20th, monday to friday from 9am to 4pm. You can go inside and get your books, but staying there for studying, using the computers/printers or even the toilet is not yet possible. For once, bringing jackets and bags is not prohibited. Long queues are likely to form!

    To return books, put them into the post box outside the library. These books will be put in "quarantine" for a few days. Extending the time limit for your books online is also possible. More

    The smaller faculty or institute libraries ("Teilbibliotheken") have individual solutions, so please look here for information on the library you want to visit.

    Online access to media is being expanded, so take a look there first. To keep the VPN up and running, use EZproxy or institute login (Shibboleth, on the website of the journal you are trying to download) to access blocked media. How to do that is explained here.

    If necessary, the library staff will even scan parts of the books you need for you. And please be nice to them, we're all in the same boat :)


    IT-News from Rechenzentrum

    The CoVid-19 pandemic has forced us into a kind of lightspeed-digitalization, pushing personnel, hard- and software to their limits. The Rechenzentrum therefore asks you to use the resources fairly, namely by keeping files small and using VPN only when necessary (among others).

    Wue Campus got a level-up and more software is available on Studisoft.

    Mitteilung des Rechenzentrums zu Maßnahmen und fair share

    Please take care not to fall prey to evil E-Mails! Don't open attachments carelessly, don't share sensible information via E-Mail.