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    We are currently working on this page. We try to collect information that all students need. What do you need to know? We always love to get your input, please text us via e-mail.

    Last update of this page: 2020-04-27

    Dear fellow students, dear first semesters,

    the virus Covid-19 influences all of us. We will try to answer some questions that you may be confronted with, regarding the planning of your next semester or the general situation at the JMU.

    The semester was extended for two weeks to 07th of August. However, it is not clear how exactly classes will be held, as the presence of many people in a (class)room is not desirable during the current epidemic. The uni is trying to go online as far as possible and the lecturers are working hard to make classes possible in summer.

    It is therefore very important for you to plan your semester as if nothing happened: Enrol for your classes in WueStudy! Only if you are registered, your grades - however they will be taken - can be written down in your transcript of records.

    Definitely yes! It is vital for you to enrol for your classes. Only if you are registered, your grades can be entered in your transcript of records. How exactly exams and other grades will be taken, is a whole other story and not clear yet.

    You should also re-enrol for the next semester! If you are not yet enrolled for a study programme, but you are still wanting to do so, it's no problem. This procedure is done online anyways. If you aren't sure about the requirements, look for help at the student affairs office (Studierendenkanzlei).

    If your graduation is affected by the crisis and your studies will take longer, look at the Prüfungsamt webpage for this topic . Some exceptional rules may apply in that case. (Sadly,  the page seems to be available only in German, so call them or text us if you have questions.)

    Rules to keep BAföG going are already in place: The time span during which the uni remains closed will be treated as a semester break. Students who were about to start their first semester will get the subsidies from the regular starting date of the semester on, even if they're not in Germany. No ongoing BAföG allowances will be stopped.