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    Printing out Official Documents

    You can print out the following documents in German and English:

    This document serves as proof that you are enrolled as a student at a university. You can submit it to any institution (your health insurance provider, family benefits office, etc.) that requires such proof. Your enrolment certificate includes all relevant information about your studies in the current semester. You should print it out each semester. A reprint of certificats should also be made if there are changes during the semester, for example by a leave of absence or a change of the degree programme.

    In addition to the enrolment certificate, you will also receive the enrolment certificate to be presented to Deutsche Bahn AG as proof of eligibility for a students' monthly transport pass (on page 2 or following page). Students can purchase a student-monthly ticket from Deutsche Bahn for journeys to Würzburg. To prove the authorization, an authorization card must be completed. Our certificate will replace the university's stamp on the authorization card. Simply attach the certificate to the authorization card.

    Your BAföG agency will accept this document in lieu of form 2 ‘Bescheinigung nach § 9 BAföG’.

    You should print out this document as soon as you have been disenrolled and should make sure you retain this printout and/or save the file. If you intend to transfer to another university, please note: You will have to submit a copy of your disenrolment certificate to your new university when you enrol.

    This document lists all semesters you spent studying at the University of Würzburg as well as other information that was previously contained in the master data sheet (number of semesters on leave of absence, all university semesters, standard period of study/studies as well as the date of first enrollment and, if applicable, the date of disenrolment).

    It is an alternative to your enrolment certificats, which provide the respective information separately for each semester. Students who transfer to another university can submit this document to their new university as proof of previous periods of study and certificate of disenrolment.

    You should print out this document as soon as you have been disenrolled and should make sure you retain this printout and/or save the file. You can use it to demonstrate the credited pension insurance periods you accumulated during periods you spent attending school, college, or university at age 17 or over.

    This certificate lists all semester fees you paid when you enrolled and re-enrolled to continue your studies at the University of Würzburg. You can attach it to your tax return.

    Upon your request, Chairs, Institutes, the Examination Office, and other Offices at the University of Würzburg will issue you with additional documents.

    How do I print out my documents?

    To be able to print out your documents, you need valid WueStudy  log in details (user name and password).

    Log in to WueStudy. Change the default language (at the bottom right) from ‘German‘ to ‘English‘. Go to ‘My studies’/‘Student Services’ and select the tab ‘Official Documents’.


    If you require a single certificate (= Enrolment Certificate or Certificate for presentation to your BAföG agency) for a specific semester, you can preselect this in 
    the dropdown box. In the case of collective certificates that cover the entire course of studies (Confirmation of periods of study, Certificate for presentation to
    Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Certificate of fees paid), a pre-selection of the semester is not required. Then select the desired certificate. Click on the document 
    you want to print and open the pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can save, email, or print this file.
    Individual certificates, which are only valid for one semester, can be called up for the current system semester and for the two previous semesters. For this reason,
    we recommend that you regularly save the current semester documents on your PC. If you require a certificate from earlier semesters, please select the Certificate of 
    university semesters studied/Certificate of disenrolment. This contains an overview of all semesters that you have studied at the University of Würzburg. 
    You can print your current master data sheet and other documents from any computer with an internet connection (at home, at JMU or anywhere around the world). 
    Please make sure you have a printer connected to your computer and your printer is working.



    Certificates with verificationcode, which allows external agencies to verify the authenticity of the certificate, can be found in section ‘requested reports‘, which is displayed below section ‘official documents‘. To retrieve the certificate, simply click on the printer symbol in the line in which the certificate you have requested is displayed.


    Can I use this function?

    Yes, if you are an enrolled student of the University of Würzburg, you can use this function to print out your documents, and you maintain access to this function for one year after disenrolment.

    If you were disenrolled more than one year ago, please send an informal email to Student Affairs, stating your personal details (name, date of birth, and, where applicable, student ID number and the period for which you were enrolled in a programme at JMU) and which document you need.

    When can I use this function?

    You can use this function 24/7 except during maintenance downtimes. These are scheduled the first Thursday of every month. The WueStudy helpdesk is available during regular office hours only.

    For how long can I use this function?

    You can use this function to print out your documents for as long as you are enrolled in a programme at the University of Würzburg, and you maintain access to WueStudy for one year after disenrolment. Your JMU account will be deleted one year after you have been disenrolled. You will receive an email notifying you of the deletion. You cannot maintain access to your account for more than one year after disenrolment!

    How do institutions verify the authenticity of my documents?

    Each document bears a 12-character verification code. Authorities and other institutions can enter this code at https://go.uniwue.de/verify to verify the authenticity of your documents. Please note that your documents may become invalid during a semester (e. g. if you are disenrolled).

    Will I be charged for using this function?

    Students and staff members of the University of Würzburg will not be charged for using the basic functionalities of this service.

    I still have questions. Whom do I ask?

    Whatever your problem, the WueStudy Supportteam will be happy to help.