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    Initiating a SEPA Direct Debit Transaction

    Once you have initiated a SEPA direct debit transaction via the WueStudy portal, you are re-enrolled to continue your studies in the upcoming semester.

    How do I re-enrol via SEPA direct debit? This is how it works:

    • Log in to WueStudy with your user name and password.
    • Either click the ‘Student services’ tile on the ‘My portal’ page or go to ‘My studies’ and select ‘Student services’. After you have done so, go to the ‘Student status’ tab. In the ‘Actions’ section on the right-hand side, you will find a link titled ‘Re-enrol’. Click that link.
    • On the page you will be taken to, you will find important information regarding your re-enrolment and will be asked to initiate a SEPA direct debit transaction. To do so, click ‘Do debit order for outstanding invoice(s)’ on the right-hand side.
    • Once you have done so, you are re-enrolled to continue your studies in the upcoming semester and can print out your new enrolment certificate.

    If the payment has failed for reasons other than circumstances beyond your control, we will have to cancel your re-enrolment for the semester in question. A failed payment occurs when:

    • there are insufficient funds in your account.
    • the account to be debited was closed.
    • the account holder requests a refund of the direct debit payment.
    • the IBAN of the account to be debited is invalid.

    If your direct debit payment fails or you request a refund of the payment, the University of Würzburg will be charged a penalty fee. The amount of penalty varies from bank to bank. We will have to pass that penalty fee on to you, i.e. the amount payable will automatically increase by the fee we are charged.

    In the event that we have to cancel your re-enrolment, we will contact you by letter or send an email to your student email address to let you know and will give you the opportunity to re-enrol again via WueStudy (if the re-enrolment deadline has not passed) or transfer the new amount due - i.e. your semester fees plus the penalty fee - to the account of the University of Würzburg (if the re-enrolment deadline has passed already).

    If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, our bank will attempt to collect the amount due from your account in order to credit it straight back to your account. This may seem overly complicated, but the process is beyond our control.

    When a payment is charged back, it is necessary that a new direct debit transaction be initiated. We are not allowed to initiate another collection of that same payment.

    Whenever one of your payments is charged back, we block your SEPA direct debit mandate for future transactions.

    If the chargeback was due to insufficient funds in your account, please email us at semesterbeitrag@uni-wuerzburg.de to let us know. We will then reactivate your mandate, and you will be able to initiate new direct debit transactions.

    If the payment failed because the account to be debited was closed or the account holder requested a refund, you will have to grant us a new SEPA direct debit mandate (see ‘How do I authorise the University of Würzburg for SEPA direct debit transactions? This is how it works’).

    Account holders have the right to request a refund of a collection from their accounts within eight weeks of being debited.

    Please be aware, however, that if you request a refund, the University of Würzburg will be charged a penalty fee. We will have to pass that fee on to you.