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    Authorising the University of Würzburg for SEPA Direct Debit Transactions

    To be able to re-enrol online, you must authorise us for SEPA direct debit transactions.

    Once you have done so, you can also make other payments to the University via SEPA direct debit (e.g. to top up your print account or buy software).

    The University of Würzburg uses recurrent SEPA direct debit mandates. This means that the authorisation you grant us is a long-term authorisation. You will not need to grant a new authorisation when you re-enrol again or buy more software in the future.

    Create a SEPA direct debit mandate. This is how it works:

    • Log in to WueStudy with your user name and password.
    • Either click the ‘Student services’ tile on the ‘My portal’ page or go to ‘My studies’ and select ‘Student services’. After you have done so, go to the ‘Payments’ tab. On the right-hand side, you will see a field called ‘Actions’. In that field, click ‘Create SEPA direct debit mandate’. You will then be taken to the pages of our finance department.
    • Log in with your user name and password and complete the SEPA authorisation online.
    • After you have done so, print out the document, sign the original printout and send it by post to the address stated on it.

    When your mandate has been activated, we will send an email to your student email address (stud-mail) to let you know. Please allow about a week for processing.

    Check the ‘Bank account and mandate’ page in WueStudy. To get there, either click the ‘Student services’ tile on the ‘My portal’ page or go to ‘My studies’ and select ‘Student services’. You will find a tab titled ‘Bank account and mandate’ on the page you will be taken to.

    If you haven’t authorised us yet, please follow the instructions above to create a mandate.

    The red icon on the ‘Payments’ tab merely indicates that there is no valid direct debit ORDER, i.e. that you have not initiated a direct debit transaction yet. This does not necessarily mean that you have not created a direct debit MANDATE. To find out if you have already authorised the University for SEPA direct debit transactions, i.e. created a SEPA direct debit mandate, check the ‘Bank account and mandate’ tab.

    Our finance department is responsible for updating mandates granted to the University of Würzburg. During re-enrolment periods, all valid mandates are updated on a daily basis. Outside of re-enrolment periods, they are updated once a week.

    Whenever one of your payments is charged back, we block your SEPA direct debit mandate for future transactions.

    If the chargeback was due to insufficient funds in your account, please email us at semesterbeitrag@uni-wuerzburg.de to let us know. We will then reactivate your mandate, and you will be able to initiate new direct debit transactions.

    If the payment failed because the account to be debited was closed or the account holder requested a refund, you will have to grant us a new SEPA direct debit mandate (see ‘How do I authorise the University of Würzburg for SEPA direct debit transactions? This is how it works’ above).

    Whenever information in an existing SEPA direct debit mandate changes, that change must be agreed in writing between you and the University of Würzburg.

    The general rule is that all mandate details can be changed without the need to grant/obtain a new mandate in the legal sense. In certain circumstances, changes can be made to an existing mandate without the need to sign a new mandate form, e.g. if you got married and changed your surname (since the identity of the debtor does not change), you decide to use another account within the same bank (please let us have a confirmation letter issued by your bank) or the University of Würzburg changes the mandate reference.

    However, if you decide to use another account in another bank, it is mandatory that you sign and submit a new mandate form. This is due to the fact that you will need to authorise your new bank to debit your account in accordance with the instructions from the University of Würzburg.

    When you inform us of changes to be made to your SEPA direct debit mandate, please bear in mind that notification must be by letter and cannot be made by email. This is due to the fact that we need to be able to prove that we have a valid mandate that authorises us to collect money from your account. If you want to make changes to your SEPA direct debit mandate, log in to the WueStudy portal and follow the instructions given in the ‘How do I authorise the University of Würzburg for SEPA direct debit transactions? This is how it works’ section above.

    No, it can’t. You will have to actively initiate each direct debit transaction.

    After you have done so, the University of Würzburg will process the transaction electronically and will ask its bank, Bayerische Landesbank Munich, to collect the payment from your account. A separate email will be sent to your student email address to pre-notify you of the upcoming direct debit transaction. Please make sure that, for 5 working days commencing from and including the date of that email, you have sufficient funds in your account to allow payment of the invoiced amount.

    As a rule, both you and the University can unilaterally cancel a SEPA direct debit mandate without notice. To cancel your mandate, simply send an email to sepa@uni-wuerzburg.de.

    A recurrent SEPA direct debit mandate automatically expires 36 months after the last initiated collection.