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    Studying in Germany at the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg

    Help and support from the start

    Whether you are coming for one semester or to do a full academic degree in Würzburg, all students from other countries who come to the University and settle in the city are grateful for any help and support they are given when they first arrive.

    It is a good thing that the International Office has a strong network of “tutors”. The tutors are some 50 German and international students who are here to help new arrivals find their feet.

    You might be from Mexico, South Africa or China: along with the Letter of Admission, all new young students receive an information leaflet from the tutors containing the names of the tutors, or they can look for their “own” personal tutor on the internet. This might be someone who lives in the same hall of residence or who has the same mother tongue, or is studying the same subject.

    What do the tutors do? More than you might think. They often meet new arrivals at the railway station with the keys to their room and take them to their accommodation at any time of the day or night. They help with any necessary paperwork on their arrival. They accompany them to the city authorities where they have to register, or go with them to the health insurance office.

    In other words: “We are here to help you with all the day-to-day questions you might have,” as the tutors put it in their information leaflet.

    Guiding principle

    The tutors’ guiding principle: If someone comes looking for help and support, the tutors are there to assist him or her – or will find another tutor who can do it for them if they themselves are too busy.

    The tutors also look after young visiting academics in the University Graduate Schools to help them settle and feel at home in Würzburg. They lend a hand at various events organised by the International Office, such as the Introductory Meeting at the beginning of each semester where the heads of the University welcome the new students, by which time the students will normally have taken their first steps in Würzburg – perhaps with one or other of the tutors guiding them along.

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