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    Exceptional Regulations for JMU Students Enrolled in Teaching Degree Programmes

    Last updated: 17 December 2020

    First state examination

    Please make sure you find out as soon as possible about exceptional regulations that will be in place for your exams, infection prevention measures and procedures that will apply.

    Information about special regulations for the first state examination can be found on the web pages of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education.

    If you have any questions about those regulations, please contact the competent person at the JMU Examination Office.

    Hausarbeit thesis papers

    Exceptional regulations regarding deadlines for the submission of Hausarbeit papers for students wishing to take the state examination in spring 2021

    In view of the current situation, students may be granted an extension of the deadline for the submission of their Hausarbeit papers beyond 1 October 2020. That extension must be granted by the lecturer who has assigned the topic for the paper in question. Whenever a deadline extension is granted, it must be ensured that the graded paper is received at least two working days prior to the date of the first component of the state examination. Otherwise, the student in question will not be admitted to the state examination.

    Students can submit an electronic copy (pdf file) of their Hausarbeit paper to the competent reviewers along with a scan of the declaration required under Section 29 (6) LPO I. That declaration must bear the students’ signature. As soon as the situation allows, students must hand in a paper copy of their Hausarbeit paper along with the original signed declaration.

    At the moment, the Examination Office only needs a confirmation of receipt signed by the reviewer. That confirmation can either be emailed or sent per post (postal address: Sanderring 2, 97070 Würzburg).