25.04.2017 einBLICK: Nachrichten aus der Uni

Mit dem Tablet im Botanischen Garten

Smartphone-Rallye im Botanischen Garten – Echtzeit-Erlebnisse im virtuellen Raum – Asyl und Migration in Antike und Moderne – Überraschender Fund in der Nebenniere – Gitarrenkonzert im Toscanasaal

24.04.2017 Empathie auf dem Prüfstand

In welcher Hand hält Thorsten Erle die Tasse? Die richtige Antwort erfordert einen Perspektivenwechsel, der wiederum in vielen Fällen Empathie erzeugt. (Foto: Uni Würzburg)

Wer es sich leicht vorstellen kann, die Umgebung durch die Augen eines anderen zu sehen, ist auch eher zu Empathie fähig. Das zeigen Experimente von Würzburger Sozialpsychologen.

21.04.2017 Wissenschaft ist unverzichtbar

„Veritati“ – der Wahrheit hat sich die Universität Würzburg verpflichtet. Aus diesem Grund unterstützt die Universitätsleitung den March for Science.

Am 22. April demonstrieren weltweit Menschen für die Freiheit der Wissenschaften. Auch die Universität Würzburg unterstützt den „March for Science“.

How Venus flytrap triggers digestion

The Venus flytrap: The traps' insides are lined with red glands (a) that work like a plant "stomach" after a prey is caught. The glands secrete a digestive enzyme. This secretory mechanism was shown at the vesicle level in plants for the first time (b). The model illustration (c) shows that activated glands absorb calcium (Ca2+), thereby triggering the jasmonate signalling pathway and the secreting of hydrochloric acid (HCL) and digestive enzymes. (Picture: Sönke Scherzer/Dirk Becker)

The Venus flytrap digests its prey using enzymes produced by special glands. For the first time, a research team has measured and meticulously analysed the glands' activity.

Laurens Molenkamp wins yet another ERC Grant

Professor Laurens Molenkamp with some of the numerous award certificates he has received over the past years. (Photo: Jasper Molenkamp)

Top research pays off: After 2011, Professor of Physics Laurens Molenkamp from the University of Würzburg has been awarded a second Advanced Grant from the European Research Council worth 2.5 million euros.

13.04.2017 Are tumor cells glutamine addicts?

Colonies of colon cancer cells cultured in absence of glutamine for 48 hours. The cells die in presence of high exogenous levels of MYC (middle, MYC-ER) compared to the control (EV, left). They survive under the influence of an exogenous construct which allows MYC to be downregulated. (Picture: Francesca Dejure)

Many tumors are thought to depend on glutamine, suggesting glutamine deprivation as therapeutic approach, but a new study shows that this effect might have been overestimated.

13.04.2017 Ants rescue their injured

A Matabele ant carries an injured mate back to the nest after a raid. (Photo: Erik Frank)

Ants operate a unique rescue system: When an insect is injured during a fight, it calls for help. Its mates will then carry it back to the nest for recovery.

11.04.2017 Narcissism and social networking

Young man and young woman with tablet-pc

Social networks are an ideal stage for narcissists to showcase themselves. Accordingly, a lot of people with narcissistic traits are drawn to these platforms as a new study conducted by psychologists from Würzburg and Bamberg shows.

31.03.2017 From Würzburg into the world

Dr. Ulf Bade

A former student of the University of Würzburg, Ulf Bade today manages a foundation that is immensely important for many students: the 'Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung' which allocates university places. He believes in the importance of perseverance.

28.03.2017 Chlamydia: How bacteria take over control

Primary HUVECS expressing GFP targeted to the mitochondria. One of the HUVEC is infected with Chlamydia, stained against HSP60 (magenta). These cells were treated with 1 um H2O2 which induces mitochondrial fragmentation as seen in the uninfected cell on the right. The Chlamydia infected cell (left) however maintains the integrity of its mitochondrial network displaying the protective effect of the infection on the host cells. (Photo: Suvagata Roy Chowdhury)

To survive in human cells, chlamydiae have a lot of tricks in store. Researchers of the University of Würzburg have now discovered that the bacterial pathogens also manipulate the cells' energy suppliers in the process.

27.03.2017 Ein guter Start ins Studium

In Vorkursen unterstützen Studierende und Dozierende Studienanfänger an der Uni Würzburg. (Foto: Steffen Gebert)

Für ihre Erstsemester bietet die Universität in vielen Fächern spezielle Vorkurse zum besseren Start ins Studium an. Die ersten Kurse zum Sommersemester begannen am Montag, 3. April.

21.03.2017 Quantum bits in nanowires

Quantum bits are the basis for super fast quantum computers. Lately a german team of physicists took a decisive step forward in their development.

Physicists from Würzburg, Jülich and Duisburg-Essen took a decisive step forward in the development of stable quantum bits by using Majorana-particles, which are the basis for quantum computers.

21.03.2017 Studying for a better world

Shama Busha Pongo from the Congo studies European Law at the University of Würzburg. (Photo: Lena Köster)

Some 2,600 foreign students are enrolled at the University of Würzburg. Law student Shama Busha Pongo from the Congo came to Germany four years ago and he knows exactly what he wants.

20.03.2017 How cells protect themselves against dangerous goods

Microscope image of a dividing embryo of the nematode C. elegans.

Scientists from the University of Würzburg have published new insights into waste disposal in animal cells. These findings may help to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying autoimmune diseases like lupus.

16.03.2017 Cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder discovered

Dysfunctions in the brain region of the amygdala play a role in obsessive-compulsive disorders.

An overactive molecular signal pathway in the brain region of the amygdala can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A research team from Würzburg has established this connection.

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