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    A.2 - Servicezentrum Forschung und Technologietransfer

    Welcome to the pages of JMU's start-up assistance team

    You have an innovative idea and are looking for ways to develop it further? You consider commercialising your innovation? 

    Or you have a general interest in the topics of new business formation and self-employment?


    We provide information and advice on all matters pertaining to entrepreneurship and help you develop and launch your innovation.
    What we do:

    • Provide support tailored to your requirements to help you get the funding you need
    • Help you develop a business model and find the right market for your idea
    • Invite start-up founders and experts to give talks on topics related to new business formation and self-employment in our Start-Up Lounge
    • Organise a broad range of events and provide comprehensive information on all courses, extracurricular events etc. in the field of new business formation
    • Provide you with information on the IP policy of the University and the exploitation of IP (in cooperation with the Inventors’ Consultants of JMU)
    • Provide you with an opportunity to use the SFT incubator facilities
    • Identify and support research projects in the field of new business formation
    • Help you link up with strategically important partners via our regional and transregional networks to help your business grow

     Please do not hesitate to contact us or request for an appointment! We are available for consultation on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 12:00. To help us help you, please complete our contact form and attach it to your request for an appointment.