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    A.2 - Servicezentrum Forschung und Technologietransfer

    You need help with research funding? The research funding team at Unit A2 Research and Technology Transfer (SFT) provides information, assistance and advice for all researchers at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

    1. Assistance in the identification of research funding opportunities (EU-funded programmes in particular)

    2. Preparation of proposals:

    • Identification of requirements (contents, partners, format, structure)
    • Preparation of and information on templates, guidelines, events, sources of advice
    • Preparation of standard text passages (e. g. on the infrastructure of the University of Würzburg)
    • Keywords, advice and assistance with questions on the main components of your proposal (impact, IP strategy)
    • Forging of links with other bodies, e. g. in the area of open access and open research data management or with the Unit responsible for third-party funds
    • Evaluation of proposals from a reviewer’s point of view, e. g.: Have your project goals been clearly defined? Is your proposal coherent? How will your work contribute to the improvement of Europe’s research performance?  Are your work packages well structured with regard to cooperation with partners, person-months, deliverables? Is your description of milestones and risks clear and comprehensible?
    • Assistance with any questions you may have regarding layout, required documents or the portal

    3. Networking in Bavaria (e. g. Bavarian Research Alliance), Germany (national contact points), Brussels (KOWI, events)

    4. Project management (where required)

    5. Application for grants and awards

    • Publication of calls for applications
    • Assistance with questions regarding the application process
    • Preparation of documents to support the decision making processes of the competent committees, the Board of Trustees and the University Board
    • Filing of application documents with foundations and other award givers

    We, the research funding team at SFT, are happy to help with any of these matters and more. Please do not hesitate to contact:

    We look forward to hearing from you.