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WueGlobal – Writing, Learning, Digital Connection for Tutors

This module-based qualification program prepares students to productively contribute to and assist in virtual formats for transnational teaching cooperation. Foundational Training for Global Tutors and International Writing Fellows introduces students to the methodological and didactic fundamentals of peer-to-peer online teaching, but also provides practical guidance (for example, in planning e-tutorials, giving writing-didactic input during seminars, and offering peer-to-peer academic writing consultations)

In the continuation of the qualification program, thematically focused training units and supervision by writing specialists are supplemented by individually tailored training elements (such as accompanying writing consultations and courses taught by certified tutors/consultants as well as creating reflective work portfolios). Advanced Training units expand intercultural competencies, prepare students for conducting writing consultations in online settings, and support first forays into the development of educational videos, blogposts, and podcasts backed up by media and learning psychology research.

Upcoming Events

Training for tutors: Podcast production

   1.  Date: Friday, June 11th from 1pm - 4pm
   2.  Date: Friday, June 18th from 1pm - 4pm
   3.  Date: Friday, June 25th from 1pm - 4pm

Registration viaWueStudy.

Training on the creation of educational videos

“Lehrvideos: Didaktik, Taktik, Praktik” will take place via ZOOM on Thursday, June 17th from 09:30am to 1:30pm.



The Advanced Training "Exploring Intercultural Pe(e)rspectives", which aims at expanding intercultural competencies through the exchange with tutors of other international universities takes place on Monday, the 14th, 21st, and 28th of June 2021 from 5 to 6:30 pm via ZOOM

Information for registration: You may send your application directly to petra.zaus@uni-wuerzburg.de.
Please include your name, e-mail address, name of your university, and field of study in your e-mail. Furthermore, please let us know in which area(s) you are supporting your fellow students at your university and what your position is called:
Peer-Tutor, Writing Fellow, Teaching Assistant ...?

Do not forget to give us your date of birth for the WueGlobal Certficate.


Basic training for subject and writing tutors will take place from 20th to 24th of September from 12:30pm to 5pm.

You can find more information and registration on WueStudy.

Several train-the-trainer trainings for WueGlobal team members in the areas of media education, coaching and intercultural sensitisation.

November 19th - December 03rd (wöchentlich: Donnerstag 5pm – 6:30pm) (TEP! hybrid! synchron + asynchron) „Aufbauschulung für KOMPASS-TutorInnen und Schreibtutor*innen: Exploring Intercultural Pe(e)rspectives”- Kristina Förster

January 14th (5pm – 7pm) „Community of Practice Auftakt: Fokusgruppe Tutor*innenfortbildung als Virtual Exchange“ - Kristina Förster, Caterina Schmitz, Raphaelle Jung, Petra Zaus

March 22nd - March 26th Schreibtutor*innen und Fachtutor*innen-Ausbildung  from Monday to Friday, from 12:30pm - 5pm.