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WueGlobal Events

Enlightening talks, international writing groups, and academic writing courses as well as writing-centered workshops and events with internationally renowned journalists and authors whose texts engage with key questions and challenges of the current moment. Writing matters! - this motto is front and center for all WueGlobal events.

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Events of the last semesters

November 10th 2020 - February 2nd 2021 (Tuesdays, 12 pm – 2 pm) "Environmental Activism – Writing Change(s)?" - Lena Pfeiffer

January 15th 2021 (9 am – 11:15 am) “Posthumanism for the Anthropocene” - Lena Pfeiffer

February 1st - February 25th 2021 Coimbra Group Winter School: Global Change and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa Chances or Challenges? (about 30 Online-Sessions) - Julien Bobineau/Camille Lavoix


Guest lectures as part of Irish Studies Würzburg #ISWÜ#WüOnline:

November 25th 2020 Guest lectures: CELT Damian Bracken, Hiram Morgan, Beatrix Färber (University College Cork)

December 08th 2020 Guest lectures: Tara Stubbs (University of Oxford)

December 08th 2020 Guest lectures: Susanne Mohr Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Kathrin Renkwitz (Universität Bonn)



April 16th  Kick-off Event Irish Studies Würzburg (ISWÜ) - Prof. Dr. Maria Eisenmann + PD Dr. Ina Bergmann hier

May 5th  1 pm – 2 pm: “The Archive and Contemporary South African Theatre" (with Jayne Batzofin) - Anna Frieda Kuh

July 21nd: 2pm - 4pm: Workshop "Minorités et nouveaux médias" - "Minorities and new media" - Camille Lavoix

July 23rd 2pm - 3.30pm: Global Conversation Circle Environment & Literature -  Würzburg & Abidjan - Camille Lavoix


Guest lectures as part of Irish Studies Würzburg #ISWÜ#WüOnline:

May 6th 10am - 12:pm: Elke D’hoker (KU Leuven, Belgium): "‘A creature other than myself’: Art, Nature, Ethics in Sara Baume’s A Line Made by Walking (2017)

June 22nd 12pm - 2pm: As part of the Irish Studies Würzburg #ISWÜ#WüOnline, there will be a guest lecture:  Christoph Reinfandt (University of Tübingen): "Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture (2008)".


November 17th 2021 Teaching Day JMU 3:35 pm :Sustainable promotion of young scientists through training and deployment of tutors - Dr. Petra Zaus here.

November 18th 2021 Study Day der Irish Studies Würzburg: Damian Bracken Caitríona Ní Dhúill (University College Cork)

November 19th 2021 Symposium International Teaching at the TU Braunschweig 2:15 pm: Transnationales Tutoring in „WueGlobal – Writing, Learning, Digital Connection“ - Dr. Petra Zaus here.

December 6th 2021 Workshop: Chris Balaschak (Flagler-College, Florida/USA): The Site of Memory: Film, Photography, and the Black Atlantic.

December 10th 2021 Workshop for PhDs & Advanced Master Students: Prof. Dr. Alexa Weik von Mossner (Klagenfurt, Austria): Affect, Emotion & the Imagination of Climate Change

December 13th 2021 Workshop: Nicholas Serenati (Flagler-College, Florida/USA): Quentin Tarantino: The Reconfiguration of Nostalgic Cinema as a Postmodern Voice.


Gastvorträge im Rahmen der Irish Studies Würzburg #ISWÜ#WüOnline:

November 04th 2021 Niamh NicGhabhann (University of Limerick)

November 23th 2021 Philip Coleman (Trinity College Dublin)

December 3rd 2021 Dr. Maureen O’Connor (University College Cork)