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WueGlobal Challenges of Modernity Summer Symposium

The Summer Symposium “Challenges of Modernity” is an innovative format within the framework of Environmental Humanities and Eco-Criticism geared to Master students, PhD students and Postdocs at the University of Wuerzburg and partner institutions. During the course of this two-week international and hybrid (online and on site) symposium, Wuerzburg researchers and graduate students will meet with a diverse group of international experts to analyze the global environmental challenges of modernity by using an eco-critical lens and a multi-disciplinary approach. Global perspectives on the climate crisis will be presented, explored, and debated within a variety of keynote sessions as well as in focused work groups that bring experts together with graduate students during the first week of the symposium followed by an in-depth, multi-day writing workshop during the second week. The symposium thereby offers participants the opportunity to interact with established scholars in the Environmental Humanities, to engage in substantive and open discussion with their fellow early-stage scholars, and to integrate the insights gained in the “Creative Approaches to Academic Writing” workshop with which the symposium concludes into their own research projects. In keeping with the aim of engaging global perspectives, the symposium will be multilingual and in particular support writing in English, French, and German. To ensure sustained dialogue, however, the primary working language for group discussions will be English.

In the spirit of the Environmental Humanities, which foster not only interdisciplinarity, but also an international character in research, the Challenges of Modernity Summer Symposium calls together different perspectives in order to question standardized patterns of representing and understanding environmental crisis. This two-week long exploration open to PhDs and Advanced Masters students from around the world will be anchored by keynotes from scholars whose work exemplifies the intersection of creative and critical scholarship at the vanguard of new representational form(at)s.