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Media-Connection Initiative

Reaching a broader audience with engaging new media formats: Students employed within the project and interested project partners receive theoretical introductions and technical guidance by experienced trainers in order to be able to create didactically sound videos, podcasts, and blogs.

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Here you can findpodcasts & videocasts of Irish Studies Würzburg.


In einBlick you will find an article that gives you a further insight into the "Monuments & Memory Project":"Wie soll man heute erinnern?"

This episode of the JMU podcast contains an interview about Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Irish Studies at the University of Würzburg, or ISWÜ for short, who collaborate with WueGlobal on several exciting projects.

Learn more about ISWÜ and all things Irish from the two founders - Dr. Ina Bergmann, academic senior councilor at the Chair of American Studies and Prof. Dr. Maria Eisenmann, holder of the Chair of English Didactics. The podcast also features JMU students Antonios Smyrnaios and Michelle Zirkel, who support ISWÜ in their role as WueGlobal tutors.

Give thepodcast a listen to get more information on our collaboration partners from ISWÜ. 

The WueGlobal “Challenges of Modernity” Summer Symposium is an innovative format within the framework of the Environmental Humanities and Eco-Criticism geared towards Master students, PhD students and Postdocs at the University of Wuerzburg and partner institutions.

Within the framework of the symposium, a conference paper will be produced. This conference paper will be published both in a print format issued by the Würzburg University Press, an open access publishing service of the Würzburg University Library, and on an online platform.

More information about the Summer Symposium can be foundhere.


April 7th from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm Training: "Educational videos: Didactics, Tactics, Practice"

June 11th, 18th and 25th from 1pm - 4pm Training for tutors: Podcast production

June 17th from 09:30am to 1:30pm Training: "Educational videos: Didactics, Tactics, Practice"