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Scientific Writing – We Support You!

Writing a scientific paper is a process that involves a variety of steps and activities. Texts such as seminar papers and essays are opportunities to explore and gain expertise in both research and writing. The Schreibzentrum | Writing Center engages students in exploring this terrain from the very beginning of a course of study through graduation.

Our Offers

Specialized workshops are offered on a regular basis at the Schreibzentrum |Writing Center to support students in developing the skills to overcome the challenges most frequently encountered in academic writing.

These workshops are part of the module "Scientific Writing Literacy" (ASQ-Pool). Students will receive 3 ECTS points for participation in at least 3 workshops as well as for the development of a portfolio (approximately 10 pages in length).

Students will also receive 3ECTS points for participation in the monthly workshop "My Writing Project."

In small groups under the guidance of qualified writing instructors, students not only gain insights into different text formats and writing approaches, but also the opportunity to discuss practical issues with different topics:

  • The Writing Process: Planning and Organizing Scientific Writing
  • My First Term Paper
  • Train of Thought in Scientific Writing
  • Finding a Theme and Developing a Research Question
  • Scientific Style "Citations and Paraphrasing"
  • Orthographie und Interpunktion
  • Thesis Papers and Handouts
  • Reading Strategies and Excerpting

Our Team

Scientific Management:
Prof. Dr. MaryAnn Snyder-Körber

Overall Coordination and Coordination of Academic Writing Offers in German:
Dr. Petra Zaus

Coordination of Academic Writing Offers in English:
Hannah Nelson-Teutsch, M.A.

Certified Writing Instructors:

Dr. Jürgen Kempf (Geographie)
Dr. Annette Retsch (Anglistik, Germanistik, Career Centre)
Dieter Schilling (Anglistik, Germanistik, Kunst- und Medienwissenschaft, Career Centre)
Thomas Schröter (Anglistik, Philosophie)
Hannah Nelson-Teutsch, M.A. (Anglistik, Amerikanistik)
Dr. Petra Zaus (Germanistik, Romanistik)

Our Partners 

Conception, Coordination and Execution of Offers for PhD students in the Faculty of Human Sciences:
Dr. Stefanie Hoos
Dr. Andreas Rauh 

Conception, Coordination and Execution of Offers for MINT students in the Science Writing Lab:
Dr. Ulrike Rapp-Galmiche 

Conception, Coordination and Execution of Offers from the Career Center:
Dr. Annette Retsch


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Campus Hubland Nord
97074 Würzburg

Tel.: (0931) 31 85642