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Rudolf Virchow Center for Experimental Biomedicine

13th Biomedical Students' Symposium

"This year the annual autumnal symposium organized by the federal student body of molecular medicine will take place in Würzburg from 1st - 4th November. Title of this years’ symposium is “From Molecules to Systems”.

We dedicate this continuation of a prosperous series of symposia to the transfer of insights from molecular biology to the understanding of complex biological systems and finally to applications in industry and clinical medicine. To this end, our invited speakers will cover various fields of basic and translational research. In addition, hands-on workshops in a number of research groups at the university of Würzburg will offer the chance to gain insight into various advanced methods in biomedical research. 

Following the successful symposium in Göttingen back in 2017, we are very happy to host this years’ symposium. We strive to make this the best possible experience for all participants!"

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