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Rudolf Virchow Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging

Press Releases

Below you can find the press releases of the Rudolf Virchow Center:

mRNA plays a key role in the conversion of genetic information from DNA to proteins. Their production is a delicate process. A research team at the University of Würzburg has now identified a crucial factor.


Dr. Tamara Girbl in her laboratory at the Rudolf Virchow Center.

Dr. Tamara Girbl started her new research group at the Rudolf Virchow Center of the University of Würzburg in April. She focuses on the interaction of immune cells and blood vessels, which plays an important role in many inflammatory diseases or even strokes.


Dr. Hans Maric has received one of the German Research Foundation's highly prestigious Emmy Noether awards, worth around 1.7 million euros. He will use his biochip technology to study a so far unexplored group of brain proteins and determine their potential to cure so far untreatable mental diseases.


An undesirable effect can occur in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy: photoblueing. A new publication in „Nature Methods“ shows how it can be prevented or made useful for research.


Protein interactions can now be analysed more effectively: A phenomenon called Temperature Related Intensity Change (TRIC) makes it possible to achieve high binding signal intensity even with lowest amounts of sample. Our Maric research group established the method, which can be used to study protein complexes in highly regulated networks such as DNA transcription.


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