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During a coaching process you are supervised in activating your resources and potentials in order to develop precisely fitting solutions for your concern. Various coaching tools set an effective framework for your individual reflection and search process. You are given impulses that help you realize your behavior more precisely, to understand and, if necessary, to change it. You define goals and steps necessary to reach them. You are instructed to test them in practice and readapt them in your coaching.

Quite often the journey towards your goal is as instructive as the goal itself.

Typical reasons for a coaching

During a coaching process you can

  • sort out your professional goals and determine further steps of your career planning,
  • prepare purposefully for the application procedure,
  • deal with the challenges of your everyday work,
  • critically reflect and reassess role expectations and find a proper handling,
  • continually pursue a personal development matter.


A coaching process usually takes about 60 minutes. To allow working continuously on specific topic, it often makes sense to schedule several coaching sessions over the course of several weeks. You always agree individually with your coach - according to your needs - on the number of coaching sessions you would like to take.

JMU Research Academy mainly offers internal coachings. Only on rare occasion, it might be more aapropriate to work with external coaches who provide a professional distance to your issues.

Coaching Request

Christelle Linsenmann

Phone: +49 931 31- 89878
Email: christelle.linsenmann@uni-wuerzburg.de

Krischan Brandl

Phone: +49 931 31-82758
Email: krischan.brandl@uni-wuerzburg.de