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Open Topic Tenure Track Professorships at JMU

Offering tenure track positions, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) opens up attractive and predictable career paths for top talent researchers from all disciplines. The JMU is aiming to fill a total of seven open topic professorship positions in pay grade W1 with tenure track towards the position of university professor in pay grade W2. We are seeking early career researchers with a track record of internationally recognised research in one or more of the six research priority areas of the JMU and the potential to create innovative ideas that can help to further enhance our University’s research excellence.

Submitting your application

The deadline for submitting applications was 11 January 2022. It is therefore no longer possible to apply.

Selection and appointment procedure

JMU's research priority areas are interdisciplinary and cross-faculty in nature. Therefore, in open topic procedures, the selection of appointees and their assignment to faculties is made by a central selection committee, which is composed of highly renowned scientists and scholars from within and outside the University. The appointments themselves are then made at the JMU faculties to which the open topic professorships have been assigned.