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    Grombühl Campus

    The "Grombühl" district is located in the north-east of Würzburg. Between 1912 and 1915, the Luitpold hospital was built here, which has served as the university hospital of the University of Würzburg since 1921. Numerous hospitals, institutes and research institutions from the medical and related fields have settled there in the meantime.

    Rudolf Virchow Center and Institute for Molecular Infection Biology

    The Rudolf Virchow Center is a central institution of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU). In January 2002, it was inaugurated as one of three German pilot projects by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to promote national "Centers of Excellence". The research teams study key proteins which are crucial to cell function and thus for health and diseases.

    The same building is home to the Institute for Molecular Infection Biology (IMIB) – an interdisciplinary research institute of the JMU's Faculty of Medicine with close ties to the Faculty of Biology. The research teams are concerned with multiple aspects of infection caused by bacteria, parasites and fungi.

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