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    Administrative staff, lab and technical staff, trainees

    Whether you work in university management or administration, whether you are a secretary or a lab technician: Your contribution is vital to the success of our research. We offer training and development opportunities for trainees as well as administrative and lab staff that are employed at JMU’s central administration, faculties, institutes, etc.

    The team of Support Staff Development coordinates all professional development opportunities for JMU’s administrative, technical, and lab staff.

    General information and services

    Vocational training

    The University of Würzburg is not only a higher education institution, it is also an apprenticeship employer. You are interested in pursuing a career in the civil service? Or you want to become a chemical laboratory technician, a librarian, or a gardener? The University offers apprenticeships in these and other occupations.

    To find out more, clickhere (presentation available in German only) or contact JMU’s Representation of Young Staff Members and Trainees.

    Equal opportunity

    The University of Würzburg is a strong advocate for gender equality between men and women and strives to eliminate existing disadvantages. Its equal opportunities policy for support staff reflects JMU's commitment to actively promoting gender equality in decision-making processes in all areas and at all levels.

    Please feel free to contact JMU’s Equal Opportunities Representativewith any equal opportunity-related questions you may have.

    Reconciling work and family life

    JMU is committed to providing students and staff members that have family commitments or consider starting a family with family-friendly work arrangements and the support they need.

    JMU'sFamily Services provide advice and support for students and staff members with family commitments. For more information and advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances, please get in touch with the Family Services Team.

    Continuing Education

    Have you just been promoted to a leadership position? Are you about to take on a new role in which you will be expected to communicate and negotiate effectively? Does your job involve liaising with international students and researchers and you want to enhance your language skills?

    The Support Staff Development team will be happy to help you identify suitable professional development opportunities.

    Leadership, communication, and conflict management

    Conflict management system

    Whether or not you are holding a leadership position, our conflict prevention and management courses will strengthen you in your role. Julius-Maximilians-Universität's conflict management initiatives look at the roles and responsibilities of employees, both those that are and those that are not in leadership positions, in the area of conflict resolution. The teams at Conflict Management Services and other points of contact provide competent assistance with issues surrounding workplace conflict.

    To find out how the team at Conflict Management Services can help you, click here.

    Advising and coaching

    Training courses and workshops

    Service Center Human Resources

    In today’s fast-paced environment of research and higher education, staff members in leadership positions are faced with increasing challenges. They must play a proactive role, define goals, and provide guidance. This is why JMU is providing staff members in leadership positions with an opportunity to participate in a training and development program that is tailored to their needs.

    Leadership development in university administration


    As a member of JMU's support staff you are making a valuable contribution to our efforts relating to the internationalisation strategy. You liaise with international students, guests, and researchers. You are the persons who welcome them when they arrive. To help you to boost your language and intercultural skills, JMU offers a range of courses and programs.

    English language courses

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner or are simply looking for an opportunity to develop your spoken English skills: JMU offers a broad range of English language courses that could be right for you. Click here for upcoming courses.

    Intercultural training courses

    Your job involves liaising with international students or researchers or with refugees? Participate in one of our intercultural training courses and learn how to approach intercultural encounters with confidence and sensitivity. Click here for upcoming courses.

    Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

    Staff mobility contributes to the university's internationalization. This is why JMU encourages its employees to complete training visits to (partner) universities abroad. The main purpose of these visits is to learn from each other: What best practices are being implemented by the partner institution? Could they be adopted at the home university? Does the partner university have experience of reforms that JMU will have to undergo in the future?

    These staff training placements (STT) are funded by the ERASMUS+ program. For more information and contacts, please see the pages of JMU’s Service Centre International Affairs.

    UNIversInternational Certification Program

    The UNIversInternational Certification Program helps you hone your language and intercultural skills and gives you an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures. Upon successful completion of the three UNIversInternational modules – English Language Skills, Intercultural Skills, and Intercultural Experience – you will be issued a certificate.

    If you are interested in participating in this program, feel free to contact Pamina Eva Hagen, pamina.hagen@uni-wuerzburg.de.


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