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    About us

    Julius-Maximilians-Universität believes that we must work together across the entire university to develop our workforce. This is why we have joined forces with inhouse experts that help us provide development and training opportunities tailored to the needs and aspirations of both our academic and our support staff.

    The Academic Staff Development team develops initiatives for academic staff at all career levels and coordinates the initiatives developed by its partners.

    The Support Staff Development team coordinates the professional development opportunities for JMU’s support staff and provides information and advice for all staff members interested in offering or participating in staff development initiatives.

    The Academic Staff Development team is responsible for matters relating to the training and development of researchers at all career levels. It assists the University Board in the strategic development of training and development initiatives for academic staff at all of JMU’s faculties. Its responsibilities include:

    • devising strategies as well as initiating and facilitating academic staff development processes in collaboration with both internal and external partners
    • developing and implementing training and development tools for researchers
    • coordinating the implementation and evaluation of training and development initiatives for academic staff
    • enhancing training and development initiatives for early career researchers that also prepare them for alternative career paths
    • providing assistance and advice for bodies that are developing and implementing their own staff training and development initiatives
    • providing information and advice for academic staff members that are interested in training and development opportunities

    The team at Unit 4.5 Support Staff Development advises the University Board on matters relating to staff training and development. It designs and initiates projects for members of the University’s central administration and its faculties:

    • executive staff, team and project leaders,
    • administrative staff
    • lab and technical staff
    • trainees

    The team...

    • works in close partnership with organizational development as well as the University’s equal opportunity, health and safety, and conflict management teams.
    • provides advice and assistance on matters pertaining to staff development (the selection of new hires, staff training, career development, etc.).
    • plans, coordinates, and evaluates internal and external staff training courses.


    Numerous inhouse experts help provide staff training and development opportunities that are tailored to your needs.

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    Julius-Maximilians-Universität has adopted policies, guidelines, and regulations that outline the strategies and goals it pursues in connection with Academic and Support Staff Development.

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