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    Technical Breakdown at JMU


    Various IT services at the University of Würzburg are currently disrupted - telephone and e-mail are also partially affected. This was triggered by problems in the cooling of the machine rooms in the computer centre.

    In the afternoon of Monday, 21 February 2021, a technical problem occurred in the cooling of the machine rooms at the University of Würzburg's computer centre. This affected a number of storage and infrastructure systems, with the result that several IT services at the University of Würzburg have been disrupted since then - the telephone and mail systems are also affected, at least in part.

    Since then, the computer centre has been working flat out to solve the problem and is being supported by external service providers and equipment manufacturers. The goal is to gradually put the individual services back into operation as quickly as possible.

    The problem is not a hacker attack or a Trojan horse. The experts at the computer centre currently assume that no data has been lost, as the computer centre has backups of the affected systems.

    The data centre provides information about the current state of affairs on its Twitter channel: @uniwue_rz

    University employees are asked to contact their IT area manager in case of IT problems.

    By Gunnar Bartsch