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    Start into the digital summer semester


    University President Alfred Forchel wishes all students a good start into digital learning. Due to the corona pandemic, the summer semester will initially take place without classroom teaching.

    Alfred Forchel
    University President Alfred Forchel (Photo: Daniel Peter)

    At the beginning of the summer semester 2020 on Monday, April 20, the President of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) Würzburg, professor Alfred Forchel, extends a warm welcome to all students, especially to all freshmen.

    For the approximately 26,500 students, the lecture halls will remain closed for the moment; instead, their own desks will turn into online study places. For in all subjects the summer semester will start exclusively with digital teaching formats. Together with our faculties, research institutes, central institutions and the administration, the foundations have been laid to enable the start of the lecture period with broadly diversified e-learning offerings.

    The corona pandemic demands a high degree of flexibility and creativity from all of us, students and lecturers alike. Existing teaching concepts have been expanded and many new ideas have been developed. The primary goal is to ensure that teaching is carried out across the entire range of subjects, while taking into account the need to protect health, so that no disadvantages arise from the given situation.

    Digital teaching and learning formats

    The entry into the summer semester begins with lectures, tutorials and seminars in digital teaching and learning formats. Care is taken to avoid overlapping with other courses; the original timetables are adhered to.

    Courses include both synchronous formats, such as interactive video conferences, and asynchronous teaching offers. Asynchronous means that through WueCampus, JMU’s teaching and learning platform, students can access online materials at any time, such as presentations with audio tracks.

    Greater availability of digital literature

    Finally, the University Library has greatly increased the availability of literature in digital form. A mailing service for lending material has also been set up. Additionally, in accordance with current health protection measures, the University Library will soon set up a contact-free lending service.

    Concepts for internships and exams are currently being developed, which will allow these face-to-face events to be held in accordance with health guidelines at the appropriate time. These concepts will be coordinated with the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Health. The JMU is planning to give a two weeks’ notice period for face-to-face examinations.

    Designing study life in the best possible way

    Those involved in studies, teaching and administration strive to design the everyday life of our students in the best possible way. JMU’s President Forchel wishes all students and staff a good start into the semester in this new form. He is sure that teachers as well as students will learn a lot during this time and, in the end, be better prepared for the future.