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    Examinations in the winter semester 2020/21


    The upcoming examinations at the University of Würzburg will most likely take place as scheduled with strict protection and hygiene measures. In addition, digital examination offerings will be implemented, and individual solutions will be offered.

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    Examinations will principally take place as scheduled. (Foto: Robert Emmerich / University of Würzburg)

    After centrally organised major examinations have been postponed from January to February and March, the regular examination period will begin as scheduled from the second week of February. It goes without saying that strict hygiene measures, including the obligation to wear masks throughout, apply to all on-site examinations. In order to ensure the best possible health protection for all participants, the framework conditions for conducting the semester examinations were designed with the constant involvement of medical expertise and on the basis of the existing legal regulations.

    Examinations will principally take place as scheduled

    All examinations shall be held as scheduled in order to give students the opportunity to take the examination. If there is a change in the examination date or the form of the examination, the affected examination candidates will be notified directly by the respective lecturer or by one of the examination offices, explicitly stating the change in question.

    If, due to the pandemic, attendance is not possible in individual cases (e.g. due to medical reasons), please contact the respective lecturer. In such cases, we strive to offer individual solutions as an alternative.

    Protective measures and digital examination formats

    The protection and hygiene concepts at JMU are continuously adapted to the infection protection ordinances and, in some cases, go beyond the legal regulations. A minimum distance of 1,5 m, medical face masks or, alternatively, FFP2 masks as well as contact data collection are obligatory throughout examinations. In addition, ventilation regulations and cleaning instructions apply. Sufficient space is provided in lecture halls and rented large rooms. Supervisors control the compliance.

    Some examinations are also conducted digitally. For this purpose, JMU has issued framework regulations for electronic remote examinations, online examinations or other examination formats as a substitute for face-to-face examinations in the summer semester 2020. From the point of view of equal opportunities, however, electronic remote examinations, especially with large numbers of participants, can only be used if the use of inadmissible aids can be ruled out with the same reliability as in face-to-face examinations.

    Deadlines, freedom of participation and contact

    As in the summer semester 2020, deadlines (maximum duration of study) and dates (control examinations) linked to the subject semester and the standard period of study will be automatically extended in the winter semester 2020/21. Students can thus decide for themselves whether to take examinations in the current semester.

    For all concerns, students can always seek contact with their lecturers and the Office of the Dean of Studies responsible for them. In these difficult times, JMU seeks satisfactory solutions together with the students wherever possible. Up-to-date information is always available at www.uni-wuerzburg.de/corona.

    The COVID-19 Task Force wishes good luck for the upcoming examinations!