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    Press Releases

    Flaggen vor der Uni Würzburg (Foto: Daniel Peter)

    A great success for the University of Würzburg in the first round of the Excellence Strategy: expert committee approves three draft proposals for Excellence Clusters in the fields of physics, chemistry and medicine.

    Rugbyspieler im Wettkampf. (Foto: Fanny Schertzer / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0)

    How do pedestrians behave in a large crowd? How do they avoid collisions? How can their paths be modelled? A new approach developed by mathematicians from Würzburg and Nice provides answers to these questions.

    Dr. Elmar Wolf

    One specific gene is overexpressed in many human tumours. This particular gene is the centre of Elmar Wolf’s research activities. The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded him a "Starting Grant" worth €1.5 million for this purpose.

    Menschen, die unter Höhenangst leiden, erleben diese Angst auch in einer virtuellen Realität – obwohl ihnen klar ist, dass sie sich eigentlich nicht in einer gefährlichen Situation befinden. (Foto: VTPlus)

    It is possible to unlearn fears. And this works even better when a specific region of the brain has previously been stimulated magnetically. This has been shown by researchers from the Würzburg University Hospital in a new study.