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    Johannes Obergfell

    Johannes Obergfell came across the topic of migration thanks to his magister thesis. Today, he works at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. A "smoky office" is one of his prominent memories of his time at university.

    Fotos von einer Venusfliegenfalle, ihre Drüsen unter dem Mikroskop und schematische Darstellung der Vorgänge, die zur Sekretion führen. (Bild: Sönke Scherzer/Dirk Becker)

    The Venus flytrap digests its prey using enzymes produced by special glands. For the first time, a research team has measured and meticulously analysed the glands' activity.

    Professor Laurens Molenkamp mit einigen der zahlreichen Preisurkunden, die er in den vergangenen Jahren erhalten hat. (Foto: Jasper Molenkamp)

    Top research pays off: After 2011, Professor of Physics Laurens Molenkamp from the University of Würzburg has been awarded a second Advanced Grant from the European Research Council worth 2.5 million euros.

    Eine Matabele-Ameise trägt eine verletzte Artgenossin nach einem Raubzug zurück ins Nest. (Foto: Erik Frank)

    Ants operate a unique rescue system: When an insect is injured during a fight, it calls for help. Its mates will then carry it back to the nest for recovery.

    Kulturen von Darmkrebszellen, die zwei Tage lang ohne Glutamin gehalten wurden: Bei hohen exogenen MYC-Konzentrationen (Mitte) sterben die Zellen ab. Links eine Kontrollkultur. Rechts: „Echte“ Tumorzellen überleben, weil sie ihre MYC-Spiegel regulier

    Many tumors are thought to depend on glutamine, suggesting glutamine deprivation as therapeutic approach, but a new study shows that this effect might have been overestimated.

    Junger Mann und junge Frau mit Tablets

    Social networks are an ideal stage for narcissists to showcase themselves. Accordingly, a lot of people with narcissistic traits are drawn to these platforms as a new study conducted by psychologists from Würzburg and Bamberg shows.