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    Press Releases

    Blick in eine Datenzentrale. (Bild: Rastin Pries)

    Two new projects at the University of Würzburg's Institute of Computer Science receive nearly EUR 750,000 worth of funding. The institute is working to make secure and efficient networks for the Internet of the future happen.

    Lydia Lange in der Bibliothek des Lehrstuhls für Altes Testament und biblisch-orientalische Sprachen. (Foto: Robert Emmerich)

    1600 years ago, the Church Father Jerome took a highly creative approach to the translation of the Old Testament Book of Judith: he cut the original text down to about a half, as the theologian Lydia Lange demonstrates in her doctoral thesis.

    Weinendes Baby auf dem Arm seiner Mutter.

    The very first cry of neonates is marked by their maternal language. This seems to be especially apparent in tonal languages, where pitch and pitch fluctuation determine the meaning of words - as a team of scientists led by the University of Würzburg has demonstrated for the first time.

    Die Figurengruppe mit Prometheus auf dem Dach des Hauptgebäudes der Universität Würzburg am Sanderring. (Foto: Robert Emmerich)

    Once again, the prestigious Shanghai Ranking has placed the University of Würzburg among the world’s top 200 universities. It is one of only four Bavarian and fourteen German universities in this league.

    Eine Mutation in dem EZH1-Gen ist der zweithäufigste genetische Defekt in autonomen Adenomen. Dies haben Wissenschaftler der Uni Würzburg jetzt gezeigt. (Abbildung: Davice Calebiro / Kerstin Bathon)

    Autonomous adenomas are the most common benign tumours of the thyroid gland. Mutations in two genes account for around 70 percent of the cases. Scientists from the University of Würzburg have now discovered another key trigger.

    Bindung von Patientenserum an Ranvierschen Schnürringen. (Foto: Kathrin Doppler)

    Würzburg neurologists have discovered an antibody that is involved in triggering certain forms of neuropathies. This discovery also allowed them to show a way to treat these diseases successfully.