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    Elisabeth Memmel und Jürgen Seibel verändern die Zelloberfläche des Bakteriums Staphylococcus aureus. Das könnte einen Durchbruch in der Infektionsforschung bedeuten. (Foto: Julian Görl)

    In the fight against multi-resistant bacteria, University of Würzburg chemists may have achieved a major breakthrough. With a trick, they induced the bacteria to change their cell surface. This reduced the risk of infection dramatically.

    Schriftzug der Zeitschrift Cancer Cell

    Neuroblastoma is a malignant cancer, which occurs chiefly in infants. University of Würzburg scientists now present novel inhibitors able to suppress the growth of these tumors in the journal "Cancer Cell".

    Chips zum Fernsehabend? Manche Menschen sollten da vorsichtig sein. (Foto: ess zett /Pixelio.de)

    Watching TV in the evening: The film being quite sad, you intensely feel for the protagonist – and all of a sudden you have finished off two bags of potato chips. University of Würzburg psychologists now provide an explanation for this eating behavior in the journal PLoS ONE.