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    Würzburger Physiker haben die Spin-Architektur einer Halbleiteroberfläche bestimmt. Dazu wurden die Elektronen durch Lichtanregung aus dem Material herausgelöst, so dass ihre Spin-Orientierung vermessen werden konnte. Grafik: Philipp Höpfner

    New findings on the spin of electrons: In a recent publication, physicists of the University of Würzburg describe the spin architecture of an ultra-thin metal layer on a semiconductor for the first time. This represents yet another step towards high-performing super computers.

    Blasenkrebs: Gewebsschnitt unter dem Mikroskop

    Researchers of the Universities of Würzburg and Freiburg have identified a marker which indicates with high reliability whether a person suffers from bladder cancer. The patent application is pending; the Bavarian Patent Alliance ("Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH") is currently looking for pharmaceutical companies interested in obtaining a license.

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    Adrenocortical carcinoma is a malignant tumor that is difficult to control at an advanced stage. An international study now shows for the first time which chemotherapy is best suited to treat this tumor. The study was coordinated at the University Hospital of Würzburg.


    Light and matter

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    Chemists and physicists are collaborating within a new research group at the University of Würzburg. Their stated objective is to enable the manufacture of new materials with customized properties. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding the project.