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    Zellen unter dem Mikroskop

    Scientists of the University of Würzburg have discovered a weak point in cancer cells, which offers a very promising target for new therapeutic drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has already expressed an interest in the discovery.

    Sonnenuntergang am Würzburger Schenkenturm. Foto: Hannes Vollmuth

    The Free State of Bavaria is investing several million euros in the exploration of innovative concepts for the conversion of solar energy into electricity and non-fossil fuels. The funds flow into a joint project of five Bavarian universities.

    Jürgen Tautz

    The Würzburg bee researcher Jürgen Tautz has received the 2012 Communicator Award of the German Research Foundation. With this award, the Foundation honors Tautz' numerous activities with which he communicates his research findings to the public. The award is endowed with prize money of 50,000 euros.


    Quite simply comedy

    Katrin Dennerlein

    They offered pomp and circumstance, acrobatics, humor, instruction, and emotion: German-language comedies of the 18th century. German scholar Dr. Katrin Dennerlein is taking a closer look at these works, and this has earned her a place in the Förderkolleg, a program specifically set up by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities to promote young talent.

    Cynthia Sharma

    Cynthia Sharma runs a junior research group at the University of Würzburg’s Center for Infection Research. She is now one of six excellent young scientists to be admitted by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities to its "Förderkolleg", a program set up specifically to promote young talent.