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    Bugando Medical Center

    Do the common medications for HIV-infected patients in Africa show the desired response much more seldom than previously assumed? At least this is what the outcome of a current study of scientists from Würzburg, Tanzania and South Africa suggests. The impact of this finding would be enormous.

    Stempel "Ehrenamt"

    Almost half of 14 to 15-year-olds in Germany do some kind of voluntary work in their spare time or have done in the past. But the type of engagement makes a big difference, as a study by the University of Würzburg shows. Not every young person feels that he or she is making an important contribution to society.

    "Eizellen" eines Malaria-Erregers

    In the fight against malaria potential targets are urgently being sought for new medications. An international team of researchers has now taken a closer look at 85 transmitters and identified a series of possible candidates. Among the party was a team from the University of Würzburg.