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    Eine Brustkrebszelle (gelb) unter dem Elektronenmikroskop. Wissenschaftler vom Biozentrum der Universität Würzburg beschreiben jetzt in der Zeitschrift „Molecular Cell“ einen Rückkoppelungsmechanismus, der die Aktivität des Krebsgens Myc reguliert

    Cancer can develop when genes get out of control. A feedback mechanism to prevent just that is reported by scientists from the Biozentrum of the University of Würzburg in “Molecular Cell”.


    Over the coming months, all students in Würzburg will be receiving new ID cards. The new card is multifunctional and forgery-proof thanks to its modern encryption technology. The project has three sponsors.


    People who feel they just do not get enough calls should perhaps take a closer look at their phone number. If the string of digits, written as an SMS, would produce a word with an unpleasant connotation, potential callers may feel ill at ease dialing it - even if they are completely unaware of its literal meaning.