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    Der Vorstand der GSLES

    Plans to set up a Graduate School of Law, Economics and Society (GSLES) were first conceived three years ago. These came to fruition last week with the official opening of the Graduate School. Doctoral students from three of the University of Würzburg’s faculties will receive mentoring there while they work toward their doctorates.

    Logo der Sharp-Studie

    Good news for kidney patients: Blood lipid lowering drug treatment reduces the risk of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases in these patients as well. This is the result of a clinical trial, involving almost 10,000 patients.

    Zwei Salmonellen: Das obere Bakterium ist unversehrt, das untere wurde mit antimikrobiellen Peptiden behandelt. Seine Außenhülle zerfällt, Material aus dem Zellinneren läuft in die Umgebung. Fotos: Institut für Molekulare Infektionsbiologie

    Even pathogenic bacteria can suffer from stress – when they are attacked by the immune system of their host, for instance. How salmonella bacteria react to such stress conditions is described by Würzburg infection biologists in the scientific journal PNAS.