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    Manfred Schartl

    Scientists at the Biocenter and from the Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Würzburg have discovered a gene in a species of fish that triggers puberty. People also carry this gene in their genetic make-up. In humans, it has been associated to date with regulating appetite and body weight.

    Grafik Myc-Protein

    What happens at the molecular level when a normal body cell is transformed into a tumor cell? Scientists at the Biocenter of the University of Würzburg have now managed to clarify this complex process in some new detail.

    Dr. Gustavo Fernandez (Foto: privat)

    He is Spanish and has made the decision to conduct his research at the University of Würzburg over the next five years. Gustavo Fernández Huertas is going to develop intelligent materials at the Institute for Organic Chemistry. His project is funded by the Humboldt Foundation with a sizable amount of money.

    Querschnittsbilder Mäusehirn

    The enzyme NOX4 is responsible for the death of nerve cells following a stroke. This discovery by researchers from the universities of Maastricht and Würzburg and from the Helmholtz Center in Munich offers new possibilities in therapy for a number of illnesses.

    Grafik Zuckertransport in der Pflanze

    That plants which store a lot of sugar taste sweet is a known fact. What is new, however, is that these plants also produce a greater yield and have proven to be far more resistant to cold temperatures. Why this happens to be so has now been examined more closely by scientists from the universities of Würzburg and Kaiserslautern.

    Der Malat-aktivierte Anionenkanalstrom ähnelt in seinen elektrischen Eigenschaften (Spannungsabhängigkeit) den elektrisch erregbaren Ionenkanälen menschlicher Nervenzellen. (Abzisse:  Spannung in mV; Ordinate: Stromdichte in Picoampere/Picofarad). Im H

    An ion channel that plants use to protect themselves against drying out has been discovered by Würzburg and Zurich researchers. What is special about it is that it functions in a similar way to the ion channels found in people and animals.