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    Lukas Worschech und Sven Höfling

    The physical laws governing the world of atoms and electrons are different from those applicable to macroscopic phenomena. Scientists intend to make use of these laws, e.g. to develop new methods of storing and exchanging information. The necessary material for this is provided by Würzburg physicists.

    Angriff einer Immunzelle auf eine Nervenzelle

    With diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cells of the immune system attack nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Scientists from the University of Würzburg have now managed to observe and describe this attack in detail.

    Die roten Flächen mit gesundem Gehirngewebe zeigen es: Mäuse ohne T-Zellen (Rag1-/-) entwickeln kleinere Schlaganfälle als normale Mäuse (WT). Versorgt man Mäuse, denen die T-Zellen fehlen, von außen mit T-Zellen, dann werden beim Schlaganfall wiede

    Strokes are less damaging if certain immune cells are absent in the blood. This previously unknown mechanism will be presented by researchers from the University of Würzburg in the science journal “Blood”.