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    Tracing thoughts

    Schnittbild eines menschlichen Kopfes

    When a patient has lost his ability to communicate with his environment, is it possible that he might have retained some level of consciousness? And which technique could assist him in expressing his requests or thoughts? These questions are to be tackled by a new research network coordinated by psychologist Andrea Kübler.

    Zelle aus einem Blatt der Ackerschmalwand (Arabidopsis thaliana), befreit von ihrer Zellwand (A). Wird auch noch die Zellmembran entfernt, bleibt die große Vakuole übrig (B), die dann für Pumpstrommessungen mit der Patch-Clamp-Technik zugänglich ist.

    If it were not for proton pumps in plants, there would be no acid in wine. These pumps are important generally for plant vitality, as researchers from Würzburg and Heidelberg report in the renowned journal “Proceedings” of the Academy of Sciences in the USA.